Table Saw

table saw safety

Only Operate After Proper Assembly
-Use guards and kick-back teeth whenever possible.
-Allow the blade to come to full speed before cutting.
-Always use the fence or miter gauge to perform cuts.
-Use a ‘Push Stick’ whenever possible.

Avoid Kick-Back
-Keep the rip fence parallel to the saw blade.
-Use the blade guard and spreader as much as possible.
-Never rip warped or twisted pieces.
-Only cut sizes that can be completely controlled.

Always Control The Work-Piece
-Remove cut-offs and scraps before starting the saw.
-Hold the work piece firmly against the fence or miter gauge.
-Avoid awkward operations or hand positions.
-Keep arms, hands and fingers away from the blade.
-Properly support long or wide pieces (two man job).

Maintain Proper Body Position
-Never have your body in line with the path of the saw blade.
-Never reach around or over the saw blade.

Always turn the saw OFF :

  • to free a “stalled” blade
  • before changing any setting 
  • before installing or removing accessories

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