Miter Saw


Keep Hands Out Of The Path Of The Cutting Blade
-Never reach around or behind the saw blade.
-Let the motor reach full speed before cutting.
-Keep motor air slots clean.
-Only use the specified blade size.
-Never apply lubricant to the blade while it is running.
-Always check the blade for cracks or damage before using.

Always Use The Blade Guard
-Keep lower blade guard in place and operating properly.
-Do not let the blade touch the work piece before turned on.
-After a cut, wait for the blade to stop before raising the blade, moving the work piece or changing settings.
-Do not remove cut-offs until the blade is completely stopped.
-Provide support to the sides for long work pieces.

Disconnect Saw From Power Source Before Leaving
Never use the saw in an area with flammable liquids or gas.
-Never use solvents to clean plastic parts.
-Unplug the saw before changing the blade.
-Make sure the work area is clean at the end of the day.

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