Circular Saw

circular saw safety
Keep Hands Away From Cutting Area And Blade
-Keep your second hand on the auxiliary handle or the work piece away from the blade path.
-Sharp blades are especially important.
-Keep your body positioned to either side of the saw blade.
-Do not reach underneath the work.
-Check under the work piece so you do not cut support piece.

Check Operation And Condition Of The Lower Guard
-Check the guard for proper closing before each cut.
-Service immediately if lower guard is not working properly.
-Only retract the lower guard manually for special cuts.
-Always make sure the guard is covering the blade before placing the saw down on a bench or the floor.

Never Hold Piece To Cut In Your hand Or On Your Lap
-Hold the saw by the insulated gripping surface while cutting.
-When ripping, use a rip fence or straight edge guide.
-Only use specified blade size and shape.
-Check the blade for damage prior to use.
-Never use damaged or incorrect blade washers or bolts.

Be Aware Of Kick-Back
-Maintain a firm grip on the saw.
-Position your body and arm to resist kick-back forces.
-When the blade is binding, release the trigger.

Causes of kick-back

  • Twisted or misaligned blades
  • Cutting too fast
  • Not cutting in a straight line

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