Angle Grinder

grinder safety


-Kickback is a sudden reaction to a pinched or snagged wheel, or accessory.
-The uncontrolled tool will be forced in the direction opposite of the accessory’s rotation at the point of the binding.

  • i.e. If an abrasive wheel is snagged or pinched by the work piece, the edge of the wheel that is entering into the pinch point can dig into the surface of the material causing the wheel to climb out or kick out.
  • Abrasive wheels may also break under these conditions.

Grinder Safety

-Do not position your body in the area where power tool will move if kickback occurs. Kickback will propel the tool in direction opposite to the wheel’s movement at the point of snagging.
-Use the auxiliary handle
-Do not attach chainsaw woodcarving blade or toothed saw blade. Such blades create frequent kickback and loss of control.

WARNING To reduce the risk of injury when grinding:

  • ALWAYS use the proper guard.
  • ALWAYS properly install the guard.
  • ALWAYS hold the tool firmly with both hands using the handles provided before and during grinding.
  • NEVER use a wheel that has been dropped.
  • NEVER bang grinding disc onto work.
  • NEVER grind without proper safety equipment.

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